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Virtual working requires every member in the social network to have well developed pro-social behaviours and understand the social processes needed to function effectively. Cost of failure is high – to organisation and individual. The complexity of knowledge work requires intensive interaction and coordination between interdependent resources that are often deployed in distributed structures. Although technology enables organisations to bring together diverse and dispersed members, teams that interact virtually have difficulty gaining a shared understanding of team tasks, or engendering high levels of team member trust. According to projections made by the Gartner Group in 2002 – 50% of virtual teams will fail due to a lack of management knowledge and expertise. Technology has improved but understanding of the complexity of managing social interaction remains a challenge for all organisations.
Large team size in combination with task complexity in organisations that use distributed matrix structures can lead to interaction volume so great that it degrades organisational performance through coordination failure between team members. Read about what you can do to ease the pressure on your people and your bottom line by CLICKING the link on the left to learn more.


Why do organisations still need to manage their staff, and is there a ‘best’ way to do it? What are the issues?. A perspective on the key shifts in management philosophy.


Contrasting models of organisational man, changing trends in management philosophy and historical development.

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