Professional Achievements - Nick Keca

Professional Achievements

Challenging performance improvement

In this challenging change programme leadership remit responsible for the turnaround and development of capability and performance of a multinational operating division employing 1,800 staff across multiple sites in Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark. This role had full P&L accountability to €100M.

Success Outcomes –

  • From a starting position of chronic employee relations, service delivery failure, client dissatisfaction, and negative financial performance, I led the change programme to develop customer experience, and operational performance of this major EMEA business division:
  • against a history of business disruption through industrial action, we negotiated with a complex array of social partners, completed a significant restructuring programme reducing headcount by 50%, and completed the collective bargaining process without loss of service
  • converted clients from detractors to promoters, increased net promoter score across the client portfolio, and increased C-Sat>90%
  • reversed a negative trend by increasing revenues (new business and contract renewals)

Considering the challenging circumstances, the turnaround in customer satisfaction and bottom line performance achieved by this team was exceptional, converting a -€10M operating loss to +12% EBITDA by executing a spectrum of change management interventions over the course of 12 months.

From crisis to success

Senior client facing account management remit to develop the customer proposition for a strategically important telco client account employing 1,000+ FTE across multiple UK sites. This role had P&L accountability to c£70m.

Success Outcomes –

From a position of protracted chronic service delivery failure, significant client dissatisfaction, and poor financial performance, I led a dysfunctional, under-performing, multi-disciplinery international team through multiple phases of complex change needed to transform the customer service proposition into the world class service it became.

I’m immensely proud of my involvement with the group of people supporting this account. From a low starting point, the results this team achieved in a short period time were astonishing given the challenges it faced –

  • within 40 days, we consistently achieved ‘bomb proof’ service level performance greater than 90% despite frequent call volume peaks of 150% of forecast
  • within 3 months, we improved customer experience and efficiency (increasing service levels to >95%, reducing average call time by >50% through improved workflows and business process improvement, increasing right first time to >90%, C-Sat>95% (from 15%))
  • within 6 months, we reduced client costs by 35% through sophisticated root cause analysis, culling inefficient workflows, improving business processes, and reorganisation
  • we engendered a customer centric culture supported by a model office environment based on continuous improvement, sustaining high performance beyond the management interventions discussed above.

The improvement in bottom line performance achieved by this team was outstanding, from lack lustre margins blighted by performance penalties, to 23% EBITDA in only 7 months.

Small is beautiful

In a small, innovative professional services business – designed and developed automated self-service web applications and bespoke workflow/document management systems supporting regulated consumer complaints about financial services products.

Created a new model (legal services firm specialising in civil litigation) enabling the client to reduce direct costs by 70% while improving compliance and customer satisfaction.

Designed and developed a fully automated e-Commerce portal linking the retail cusomter directly to inventory, logistics and payment systems.

Against all odds

In a complex manufacturing company – turned-around an under-performing business acquired from an administrator within three months with limited working capital; improving profitability from loss to 9% NPBIT within Y1; developing new products and securing multi £M new sales contracts with major international OEMs/contractors.

Personal Achievements

Climbing my Everest…

Having left school with barely a single useful qualification, and little or no confidence in my ability to learn anything, I’ve graduated with two degrees and I’m currently undertaking a Executive Doctoral Research Degree. So, perhaps my school teachers got it wrong!

…Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

In my mid 20s a friend convinced me to ‘have a go’ at triathlon – a seemingly unrealistic goal for an unfit, over-weight, non-athletic, smoker – which summed me up nicely at the time.

I don’t recall what swung the deal but I stopped smoking, lost 5 stones (70lbs), secured sponsorship, and competed in the Ironman World Championships (held annually in Hawaii) just nine months later – finishing in the top 10%. No mean feat for someone with no athletic background – if you doubt that just try high intensity exercise for 11 hours non-stop in 95 degrees of heat and high humidity! Sitting on Dig-me beach the day after the race nursing my aches and pains, I had an epiphany that changed my life. This was it:-

  • Set ‘big hairy audiacious goals’. Even the most challenging goals are made possible with commitment, hard-work and planning.
  • Have a life-plan. No matter how vague, some sort of plan is better than no plan at all.

With a challenging goal, commitment, and preparation, you can achieve anything and live the life you want to live.