Professional Achievements

Performance Development: Example #1

A challenging change programme, my remit was to turnaround and develop the capability and performance of a multinational operating division. This operation had approx. 2,000 staff across multiple sites in Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark. It also included P&L ownership to €100M.

Success Outcomes:

Starting out with poor employee relations, service failure, client-dissatisfaction, and negative financial performance, I transformed a loss-making business to double-digit EBITDA. I did this by successfully completing a significant reorganisation, reducing headcount by 50%, and negotiating with multiple trades Union in a Collective Bargaining arrangement. This also converted negative client relationships, increased net promoter score (NPS) and C-Sat across the client portfolio.

Performance Development: Example #2

Senior client facing account management remit to develop the service proposition for a strategically important client account employing 1,000+ staff across multiple UK sites. This role had P&L accountability to c£70m.

Success Outcomes:

I led a dysfunctional, under-performing, multi-disciplinary international team through multiple phases of change needed to transform the customer service proposition into a world class service. This involved transforming an under-performing operation, reducing costs by 35%, and converting significant operating losses to 23% EBITDA. We achieved this while also improving customer experience to 95% RFT, increasing NPS, and delivering service levels exceeding contractual obligations.

Performance Development: Example #3

In a small, innovative professional services business, I designed and developed digital applications and bespoke automated workflow/document management systems supporting high volume, regulated, consumer complaints within financial services. We also created a new model (legal services firm specialising in civil litigation) enabling a client to reduce direct costs by 70% while improving compliance and customer satisfaction; and we designed and developed a fully automated e-Commerce portal linking the retail customers directly to inventory, logistics, and payment systems.

Turnaround: Example #4

In a complex manufacturing company, I turned-around an under-performing business acquired from an administrator, within three months, and with limited working capital. in doing so, we converted financial loss to 9% NPBIT within twelve months. We went on to develop new products and secure multi-million £s in new sales contracts with major international OEMs/contractors.

Personal Achievements

…Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Hawaii

A friend convinced me to ‘have a go’ at a triathlon, a seemingly unrealistic goal for an unfit, over-weight, non-athletic, smoker. I don’t recall what swung the decision but I stopped smoking, lost 70lbs in excess body-weight, secured financial sponsorship, and competed in the Ironman World Championships (held in Kona, Hawaii) nine months later. I also managed to finish in the top 10% and was a member of the UK team that finished 3rd overall. Just finishing that race was no mean feat in 95 degrees of heat, 90% humidity and high winds!

Reflecting on the experience changed my life. This is what I learned: –

  1. Don’t be afraid to set ‘audacious goals’. Even the most challenging goals are possible, with commitment, hard-work and planning so don’t let a fear of failure put you off trying anything.
  2. Take stock often, learn from your mistakes, and don’t be afraid to set a new path.
  3. If you’ve got something you want to achieve, no matter how vague, or weak, some form of a plan is better than no plan at all.

…My Everest

Having left school with barely a single useful qualification, and no self-confidence in my ability to learn anything useful, I’ve managed to get three degrees, including an Executive Doctorate in Organisation Psychology – all by part-time study.

So, perhaps my Careers Tutor got it wrong when he said I’d never amount to much! I’m hoping he didn’t give too many other kids that sort of encouragement.