Human Personality: The Saintlier Side - Dr. Nick Keca

Dark PersonalityHuman personality: Psychopaths and Narcissists Have Hogged The Limelight

It’s time to explore the saintlier side of human personality, as they test the “Light Triad” Traits.

Psychologists have devoted much time over the last two decades documenting the dark side of human nature as encapsulated by the so-called Dark Triad of traits: Psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and Narcissism.

People who score highly in these traits, who break the normal social rules around modesty, fairness and consideration for others, seem to fascinate as much as they appall. But what about those individuals who are at the other extreme, who through their compassion and selflessness are exemplars of the best of human nature?

Follow THIS LINK to read the article in full at the BPS Research Digest.

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