Psychology of Unethical Behaviour - Dr. Nick Keca

Unethical behaviourThe Psychology of Unethical Behaviour: It’s hard, if not impossible, to find evidence that leader’s unethical behaviour has increased over the recent years. Even so, some are starting to sound the alarm.

In his annual letter shareholders, Warren Buffett said…

“…have seen all sorts of bad corporate behavior, both accounting and operational, induced by the desire of management to meet Wall Street expectations. What starts as an ‘innocent’ fudge in order to not disappoint ‘the Street’ — say, trade-loading at quarter-end, turning a blind eye to rising insurance losses, or drawing down a ‘cookie-jar’ reserve — can become the first step toward full-fledged fraud.”

Buffett’s note is important because it’s really about the majority of us: neither saints nor criminals but well-meaning leaders who sometimes fail to connect with their moral compass while speeding ahead in a landscape full of trip-wires and pitfalls. For that majority, moral leadership is not simply a question of acting in good or bad faith. It is about navigating the vast space in between.

So how do you know when you, or your team, is on the road to an ethical lapse?

Follow THIS LINK to read the article in full on the Harvard Business Review site.

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