Achievements - Nick Keca

Professional Achievements

Performance Development: Example #1

A challenging change programme, my remit was to turnaround and develop the capability and performance of a multinational operating division. This operation had approx. 2,000 staff across multiple sites in Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark. It also included P&L ownership to €100M.

Success Outcomes:

Starting out with poor employee relations, service failure, client-dissatisfaction, and negative financial performance, I transformed a loss-making business to double-digit EBITDA. I did this by successfully completing a significant reorganisation, reducing headcount by 50%, and negotiating with multiple trades Union in a Collective Bargaining arrangement. This also converted negative client relationships, increased net promoter score (NPS) and C-Sat across the client portfolio.

Performance Development: Example #2

Senior client facing account management remit to develop the service proposition for a strategically important client account employing 1,000+ staff across multiple UK sites. This role had P&L accountability to c£70m.

Success Outcomes:

I led a dysfunctional, under-performing, multi-disciplinary international team through multiple phases of change needed to transform the customer service proposition into a world class service. This involved transforming an under-performing operation, reducing costs by 35%, and converting significant operating losses to 23% EBITDA. We achieved this while also improving customer experience to 95% RFT, increasing NPS, and delivering service levels exceeding contractual obligations.

Performance Development: Example #3

In a small, innovative professional services business, I designed and developed digital applications and bespoke automated workflow/document management systems supporting high volume, regulated, consumer complaints within financial services. We also created a new model (legal services firm specialising in civil litigation) enabling a client to reduce direct costs by 70% while improving compliance and customer satisfaction; and we designed and developed a fully automated e-Commerce portal linking the retail customers directly to inventory, logistics, and payment systems.

Turnaround: Example #4

In a complex manufacturing company, I turned-around an under-performing business acquired from an administrator, within three months, and with limited working capital. in doing so, we converted financial loss to 9% NPBIT within twelve months. We went on to develop new products and secure multi-million £s in new sales contracts with major international OEMs/contractors.

Personal Achievements

…Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Hawaii

A friend convinced me to ‘have a go’ at triathlon, a seemingly unrealistic goal for an unfit, over-weight, non-athletic, smoker. I don’t recall what swung the deal but I stopped smoking there and then, lost 70lbs in body weight, secured financial sponsorship, and competed in the Ironman World Championships (held in Hawaii) nine months later. I also managed to finish in the top 10%, which was no mean feat in 95 degrees of heat and 90% humidity!

Reflecting on the experience changed my life and this is what I learned: –

  • Set ‘audiacious goals’. We are incredibly adaptive and even the most challenging goals are possible. With commitment, hard-work and planning, you can achieve anything.
  • If you’re achievement driven, it’s worth having a life-plan. No matter how vague, some sort of plan is better than drifting along with no plan at all.

…My Everest

Having left school with barely a single useful qualification, and little or no confidence in my ability, I’ve graduated with three degrees, including an Executive Doctorate in Organisation Psychology – all by part-time study. So, perhaps my Careers Tutor got it wrong when he said I’d “never amount to much”!