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  • The tiny spark, that started the fire…

    …that burned the house down


    Perhaps you, like me, were taken by surprise at the unfolding news headlines about the meltdown of the Cypriot

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Perhaps you, like me, were taken by surprise at the unfolding news headlines about the meltdown of the Cypriot banking system over the last week with reports of a bail out deal including (temporary) nationalisation, by the ECB, of Cypriot bank deposits/reserves. No doubt things have been shaky in Cyprus for some time but I’ve followed the headlines and it didn’t get much media profile compared, for example, with Greece, Spain, Ireland, and Italy, to name a few. Given the political decision making paralysis in Brussels since 2008, it’s a little hard to avoid a view that the movers and shakers in the European Union have commenced a dark social experiment to investigate, on a relatively manageable scale (population of Cyprus is less that one million), what will happen if an EU member state goes bust and is expelled from the Union. Watching the news coverage unfold over the last few days it is alarming just how quickly and easily pundits and commentators were prepared to throw the Cypriots to the dogs, with comments like Nobody in Europe/Germany cares what happens to the Cypriot economy,, etc, being repeated on all of the mainstream news channels. Of course, if you’re a Cypriot with your life’s savings and assets tied up in the Cypriot financial system, or a foreign investor, of which there are many, you probably have a slightly different perspective. – See more at: http://keca.co.uk/blogg/the-tiny-spark-that-started-the-fire-that-burned-down-the-house/#sthash.JGfteW0o.dpuf

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